Garden Design & Landscaping

Keeping your garden nice and green!

As landscape and exterior design firm we feel most comfortable working in spacious suburban areas…

Additionally, the greenwalls installation makes up a big part of our urban landscaping services list.

On par with that, commercial locations, such as offices or shopping malls use our greening services a lot.

Here's how it works:

It's always important to remember, that if your garden is all nurtured and spruced up, besides improving your mood it will also increase the property value, by much!
With that in mind we're offering a set, consisting of 2 separate services:
Regular Garden Maintenance, Landscaping and Garden Design, Trimming and Hedging (for small households) Regular maintenance of your garden will guarantee that you will be enjoying it all year round.

We get it

Being aware, that every garden is different, each time we tailor our seasonal care programs to your garden's plants specific requirements. Contact us for a no-obligation quote to have your garden maintained regularly!

Customers, who've done such transfers:

"Before this training I was sure that I could properly provide first aid. It turned out that 50% of my knowledge was wrong, based on rumors and speculation "


"Mastering the skills of providing" First Aid "is the duty of every self-respecting person, regardless of profession"


When after years of taking care of my garden all by myself I’ve hired these guys for a little help, I never expected them to be so professional!

Daniel and Amber