Direct Dialogue

Help people in your city with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan


Direct Dialogue is a charitable program where our information representatives take to the streets and shopping centers of Almaty to tell everyone about the activities of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan and offer to become our regular donor by making a monthly donation with a bank card.

“Now I’m sick. I can’t walk… I sit, lie down and that’s it…The Red Crescent has been helping me for 30 years. When they call or when I call myself, I always get help from them. Thanks to the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan. I wish you all good health. To you and your parents” – Vera Nikolayevna about her situation and what role the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan plays in her life.

Every year, employees and volunteers of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan help tens of thousands of people who experience hardship. We support people affected by man-made and natural disasters. In peacetime we conduct first aid training, develop a culture of voluntary blood donation and support socially vulnerable groups: single pensioners, mothers raising their children on their own, families with many children and people with disabilities.

All the activities of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan are carried out thanks to your donations. Any donation amount is important, because it always becomes a significant part of someone’s future. Let’s get closer – Let’s help together!

In 2021, more than 82,689 people received social assistance from the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan. With your help, we can help more people in need!



      the cost of a cooked lunch for                        a single elderly person


        a set of household chemicals                for a low-income large family


        minimum food basket for a                   single mother and her baby

Information representatives of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan are dressed in uniform with the logo of the organization and have a badge with their data and identification code on it.

A list of locations where you can meet information representatives:

– METRO – Sain street 16g 050000 Almaty

– KGKP “Almaty Zoological Park” of the Department of Culture of the Almaty city – Yesenberlin str., 166 Almaty, 050007

A donation is made with a bank card through a cell phone or a tablet of an information representative on a special website. To ensure transparency in the donation process, informational representatives do not take cash. All your data is fully protected and will not fall into the hands of third parties. Security of the process is ensured by iRaiser payment system.

For further information, contact:

Karina Tlepova

Tel: +7(727) 236 76 23 (#720)