The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan and its partners organize joint charitable campaigns, within which a certain percentage or a fixed amount from a sold unit of goods or services is sent to charity.


Such projects demonstrate the corporate social responsibility of the company well and are an effective tool for conveying corporate principles and the company's position to the end user.

Practice shows that, choosing from two identical products, consumers are more likely to give preference to products in which the element of charity is integrated. This gives people a simple and effective way to contribute to supporting social initiatives and to experience positive emotions, becoming part of something good.

This project and the contribution of your company will be actively covered in the media space through the website, social networks and e-mail newsletters.

Burger King

Burger King supports the social activity of the Red Crescent by offering its visitors a promotional "Vopper Combo", 61 tenge from the cost of which goes to the Red Crescent to help low-income families with many children and single pensioners. Thanks to this joint campaign, it was already manage to collect 3 825 000 tenge.

Procter & Gamble

In 2016 and 2017 Red Crescent and Procter & Gamble carried out a joint campaign, within the framework of which, the purchase of any package of Pampers diapers, one diaper was sent to the Red Crescent, which then was distributed to the infant homes and children's home of Kazakhstan. In total, more than 1 million diapers were collected within the campaign.

Additional information:

Карина Тлепова

Корпоративное партнерство

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