Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

The upswing of volunteering in Kazakhstan suggests that people have a significant social energy, and they are ready to devote it to positive changes.

Regardless of whether the company is a partner of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan or not, each employee of the company can choose to which project he wants to join and take part in it as a volunteer.


Corporate volunteering not only helps to strengthen the team spirit, improve the psychological climate in the team, but also gives employees the opportunity to feel proud of the company and a sense of social meaningfulness of its activities.

Involving employees, clients and business partners in social projects, you not only spread the culture of charity, but also establish a strong trust relationship that strengthens the reputation of your company as a socially responsible business within the organization and beyond.

Do you want to help poor families, single pensioners, people affected by emergencies or provide general support to the Red Crescent? You can find something that will suit you.

Provide administrative support

For many people, voluntary work is associated with physical work. Meanwhile well-educated and experienced employees of companies can assist in solving many organizational issues - legal and translation services, services of psychologists, designers, assistance in logistics, advertising and organization of charitable events.


Assist as mentors

Your employees can also participate in our projects as mentors - to teach people from vulnerable segments of the population financial literacy, computer skills and all that in what they are professionals.


Our corporate donors are changing the world for the better

You can organize your colleagues, and, in agreement with the leadership, transfer one-day staff salaries to the invoice of Red Crescent. When transferring funds, you can specify a specific project or support the activities of the Red Crescent as a whole and then we will send your funds to where they are most needed.


Become a permanent donor

You and your colleagues can support the activities of the Red Crescent making monthly online donations. To do this, it is enough to enter your data once, and the amount chosen by you will be written off monthly from your bank card, and we will continue to help needy people and send you regular reports.


Become a member of the Red Crescent

You can offer your colleagues to become a member of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan. The annual membership fee is 1000 tenge - this will allow you not only to support our organization, but also to show your involvement in the largest humanitarian movement on the planet.

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