Earthquake preparedness

Earthquake preparedness

More than 100 000 earthquakes happen annually in the world. Among natural disasters, earthquakes take the first place in terms of the extent of damage and the number of victims.
Kazakhstan is also at risk, since its most densely populated cities - Almaty and Shymkent are located in the seismically active zone, which makes them the most vulnerable in the event of such large-scale emergency as an earthquake.

We cannot prevent an earthquake,
but we can prevent fatalities, caused by it

Teaching earthquake behavior skills can really save a person's life

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Teaching modules

At our trainings, the students of the courses, in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, participate in special interactive sessions. During these sessions, the participants practice the safe positions during earthquake, independently collecting the "alarm case", make up of an individual family evacuation plan, identify safe places in the home and office (in the case of off-site trainings) and conduct evacuation from the premises.

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Ruslan Kruchshev

Emergency Response coordinator

Number: +7 (727) 291 62 91