Official partner

Official partnership

Official partnership is the closest form of cooperation with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan. As an official partner, you can make non-earmarked contributions, providing general support to the Red Crescent, as well as supporting certain projects and charitable events.


Cooperating with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan and implementing joint projects, you gain access to new customers and markets.

You get the right to use the status of "official partner of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan" in communication materials, as well as the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan logo in your publications, information and promotional materials.

Supporting the humanitarian activities of the Red Crescent strengthens your image of a socially responsible company that contributes to solving global humanitarian and social problems.

The Red Crescent actively promotes the positive image of your company among the population of Kazakhstan and the international arena, including mentions in the media, at events, social media, etc.

Employees and clients of your company receive invitations to events organized by the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan and its partners.

As an official partner, you get an opportunity to get more involved into supported projects, receiving regular reporting on the progress and the results of the project, with the opportunity to visit the project implementation sites.

The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan will always take your support into account when planning activities and will broadly cover this partnership in its work. A personal manager will make every effort to ensure that communications between you and the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan are as effective as possible.

Additional information:

Карина Тлепова

Корпоративное партнерство

Number: +7 (727) 291 62 91 (ext. 720)