Project support

Project support - targeted assistance

This category of partners supports the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan financially, technically and advisory in the implementation of projects throughout the republic.


The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan will regularly provide you with the most complete reporting on the implementation and results of the project you support.

You and your company's employees can visit project implementation sites, personally participate in the project as volunteers and meet with people who receive assistance in the framework of this project.

Information about the company supporting the project is posted on the project page on the official website of the Red Crescent. The Red Crescent actively promotes the positive image of the company supporting the project among the population of Kazakhstan and on the international arena, including mentions in the media, at events, social media, etc.

Supporting Red Crescent's projects strengthens your image of a socially responsible company that contributes to solving the humanitarian and social problems of society.

Project support pro bono

It is possible to support our projects not only financially. Companies can also provide services free of charge or transfer their products.


Since 2016, Nestle is a partner of the project to support low-income families and single pensioners. The company annually delivers several tons of food, and also provides financial support to the project, thanks to which low-income families and pensioners receive social certificates for the purchase of goods and food.


Starting in 2015, Procter & Gamble is actively involved in the activities of the Red Crescent. Thanks to the company's support, low-income families and single pensioners regularly receive essential goods and household chemicals.


Since 2016, JSC «Kcell» acts as the main telecommunication partner of the Red Crescent. Thanks to Kcell company, we can accept SMS-donations. The collected funds are used to to assist people affected by emergencies.

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki has been a partner of the Red Crescent since 2016. Thanks to the company's support, thousands of needy peopleunder guardianship of the Red Crescent Society receive clothes every year.

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