Emergency response

Emergency response

In the event of an emergency, employees and volunteers of the Red Crescent are among the first to be on the scene. Our Disaster Response Teams, consisting of trained staff and volunteers, assess the needs of the affected population and, if necessary, provide first aid. On the basis of these data, the Red Crescent forms humanitarian aid and appeals to all not indifferent citizens with a call for help to people in a crisis situation. Humanitarian assistance, distributed by employees and volunteers among the victims, are basic necessities - water, food, clothing and footwear, hygiene products, sleeping accessories, which are purchased from the collected donations from organizations and individuals.

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How your donation can help

for 500 tenge you can buy a can of drinking water, water - a basic necessity for emergency situations

The cost of a pair of rubber boots. Rubber shoes are indispensable during the flood and mudflows

cost of 15 cans of stew

The Red Crescent is guided by international standards for providing assistance to victims of emergencies. Employees and volunteers are trained and regularly develop the necessary skills of assistance, applying the best world practices.
In the case of large-scale disasters, the Red Crescent is requesting emergency assistance from a special reserve fund in the event of an emergency of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Assistance to the affected population is provided free of charge and is in addition to the assistance provided by state bodies.
In the organization of assistance to the victims, the Red Crescent pays special attention to vulnerable groups of the population (children from single-parent families and orphans, pregnant and lactating women, disabled, elderly) and, with limited resources, only work to meet the needs of these groups.

Many thanks to our VOLUNTEERS

This assistance would not have been possible without our volunteers. Their contribution to emergency relief is enormous.

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Additional information:

Ruslan Kruchshev

Emergency Response coordinator

Number: +7 (727) 291 62 91
E-mail: r.khruchshev@redcrescent.kz