Tracing service

Tracing service

During wars and armed conflicts, people can lose touch with their family and for many years do not know anything about their fate. Tracing service of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan all over the world searches for and helps to find out people's fate who were separated due to wars, disasters, flight and expulsion, migration, including close relatives, the connection with which is lost at the moment.

The main goal of the tracing service is to help the separated people to reunite with their families and find out their destinies.
близких, пропавших вследствие войн и вооружённых конфликтов.

By 2017:

We tracked down 51 people in the country, 18 people abroad and 55 graves of the Great Patriotic War abroad.

Many thanks to our VOLUNTEERS

This assistance would not have been possible without our volunteers. Их вклад в деятельность Красного Полумесяца огромен.

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Additional information:

Lyudmila Shamshura

Restoring of Family Links Coordinator

Number: +7 (727) 291 62 91 (ext. 708)