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Lonely pensioner Lyudmila Afanasyevna - a veteran of labor and a child of war. The war took away not only the health of Lyudmila Afanasyevna, but also her parents. Like many children of that time, Lyudmila grew up in an orphanage. She got education and worked for the good of our country. As a teacher shew has raised more than one generation of Kazakhstanis, being well-deserved teacher of KazSSR. The husband and son were killed. After the transferred operation on legs or foots the invalidity of 2 groups has received. Her small pension is enough only to buy medicines and rent, there is no money left for food. Despite the tragic events in his life, the pensioner tries not to lose heart and keep up the spirit.
There are thousands of pernsioners in our country, such as Lyudmila Afanasyevna, for whom such seemingly ordinary things as regular meals are becoming a real test.

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It is difficult to imagine that in an era of abundance of grocery goods, some people can not afford to buy plenty of cereals and butter. These people do not live in another reality. They can be found next to you. Every year the Red Crescent renders assistance to hundreds of poor families in our country. Here are just a few stories of our beneficiaries.
Zhanagul Orynbayeva is the mother of 6 children. After the death of her husband, she became not only a widow, but also the only wet-nurse of her children. Recently, the eldest daughter also became a widow with a child in her arms and was forced to move to her mother. Zhanagul, who works as a nurse, lacks a scanty salary even to cover the basic needs of a large family.
Камажай Садуахасова с мужем воспитывают 4 детей. Муж работает грузчиком на базаре, ежемесячно получает 35,000 – 40,000 тенге. Почти все деньги уходят на оплату съёмной квартиры. Денег на нормальное питание и одежду для детей не остаётся. 
Под опекой Красного Полумесяца находятся тысячи таких людей и количество обращающихся за помощью с каждым разом увеличивается. Чтобы помочь таким людям получить необходимые товары и позволить им нормально питаться мы запустили проект по поддержке наиболее социально-уязвимых слоёв населения. Нами были определены три группы людей, которым будет оказана помощь – малоимущие многодетные семьи, матери-одиночки и одинокие пенсионеры. Совместно с нашим партнёром Metro Cash&Carry Kazakhstan мы выдаём социальные сертификаты, которые они могут обменять на продукты и любые другие нужные им товары в магазинах METRO.

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Director of the Social Help department

Dana Bakiyeva

Number: +7 (727) 291 62 91 (ext. 721) E-mail: