We give you a rare opportunity to become a volunteer of the largest and most respected Humanitarian Movement in the world, uniting 17 million volunteers around the world.
It does not matter if you teach first aid courses, make a presentation or give out humanitarian aid, volunteering in the Red Crescent is a good chance to develop new skills and become more confident.
You will also be able to look at the work of international humanitarian organizations from inside and, perhaps, you will decide to continue your work and make a career in this field.
If you want to be useful to society and get acquainted with such indifferent and active people, get international experience, and most importantly learn new, interesting, something that will be useful to you in life, join our steep team of volunteers!

Many thanks to our VOLUNTEERS

This assistance would not have been possible without our volunteers. Their contribution to emergency relief is enormous.

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Contact person:

Асель Калмагамбетова

Volunteer’s coordinator

E-mail: a.kalmagambetova@redcrescent.kz