Children’s educational center “Zabota”

The Children’s Educational Center intended for children from large and single-parent families, as well as those living in difficult situations, and created with the support of Beiersdorf carries on its business in Almaty.

The activities of the Children’s Educational Center are aimed at additionally training and developing creative skills and identifying abilities in children from low-income families. The Centre assists in the development of social communication skills, thereby giving children confidence in themselves and in their abilities. The target audience of the center includes children aged 8 to 16 years from low-income families.

In the process of learning, such qualities as neatness, diligence, perseverance and assistance to loved ones will be instilled in children.

The center offers such courses as English and French languages, mathematics, chess, computer literacy and other skills. In addition, entertaining and informative tours, as well as eventful and effective first aid training courses, will be organized. Parents receive psychological treatment if necessary.

Beiersdorf has equipped the center with all necessary materials for effective classes and clubs.

Children are taught by volunteers of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan and Beiersdorf specialists.


Director of the Social Help Department

Dana Bakieva

+7 (727) 236 76 23 (ext. 721)