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The Restoring Family Links Program (RFL) is an important part of the activities of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan, as part of the activities aimed at preparing for and responding to emergencies. Within the framework of the RFL, the Red Cross and Crescent all around the world are searching for people to help them and learn about their lives.

In 2020

people were informed of the activities of the Search Service
people received legal advice and assistance in the preparation of documents upon return to their homeland
migrants received humanitarian assistance in the form of hygiene kits

The main areas of activity are as follows

  • Search for and learn about relatives and restore family links:
  • Search for civil persons with communication lost as a result of World War II
  • Learn about the fates of servicemen who disappeared or were captured during World War II;
  • Restore family links interrupted as a result of emergency situations through family messages by the Red Cross
  • Information on the evacuation of Soviet citizens during the Great Patriotic War from the western regions of the USSR.

One of the most important principles of restoring family links is confidentiality.

* As to the search for information regarding the fates of Soviet Army soldiers, the applicant has the opportunity to personally conduct an initial check-up here:

Learning about the fates of relatives to whom political repressions were applied.

Searching for and clarifying the state of the graves of soldiers who died abroad during the Second World War.

This search is based on a written request to be sent to the Search Service of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan.

The search for persons outside Kazakhstan requires a certain period of time (as a rule, not less than one year), which depends on the national society where requests are sent to.

We often receive search requests from Kazakhstan citizens whose relatives are in Syria and Iraq. In return, the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan offers services on information transfers to their relatives who are in Syria and Iraq, i.e. Red Cross messages (RCM). RCM forms represent unsealed letters that can be read by the authorities or other parties. Standard forms consist of two pages: the first one is used by the sender to write his/her message, and the second one is used by the addressee to answer. Information contained in RCM forms is limited by:

– personal data and full addresses of both sender and addressee (this information is necessary to successfully send RCM forms and related answers);

– exclusively family or personal news.


To send a Red Cross message, the applicant should know the exact data of his/her relatives (full name and year of birth). Further, the applicant:

– completes a request to the RFL Department, describes his/her situation, describes his/her relative’s situation and indicates their location if possible;

– fills in approval sheets to confirm the transfer of personal data (his/her and the recipient personal data;

– attaches the recipient’s available photos.

Further, the RFL Department of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan sends this letter to the International Committee of the Red Cross where it is delivered to the recipient if possible.

Search criteria

The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan cooperates only with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to conduct searches abroad.

To conduct a search in Kazakhstan, citizens who live abroad should contact the National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in their country.

Contact details can be found on the website of the Family Links Network of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement:

We DO NOT ACCEPT requests in the following cases:

  • those sent not from relatives;
  • those related to the search for natural parents and children;
  • those related to such issues as inheritance, alimony payments, housing problems, genealogical search, etc.;
  • those related to the search for civil burials;
  • those related to family conflicts;
  • those related to the search for birth, death and marriage certificates, seniority certificates, etc.


Coordinator of the Restoring Family Links Program

Margarita Yatsenko

+7 (727) 236 76 23 (ext. 708)