Our activity is aimed at assistance to socially vulnerable groups of population through collection and delivery of foodstuffs from suppliers and manufacturers

Our Mission

We combat hunger, providing food for those who most need it.

How the FoodBank works

1 Food
2 Distribution
3 Spreadding out

IN 2022

more than 25 tons of products of various names, as well as diapers, stationery and household chemicals were received from the partners of the FOODBANK Kazakhstan project – Metro Cash and Carry LLP, PepsiCo LLP, RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP and Nestle Food Kazakhstan LLP, in total there were 26 deliveries totaling 75,977,380 KZT. The received humanitarian aid were transferred to 50 NGOs, assistance was provided to 9,512 families (47,560 people).

How you can support the project

The FoodBank could not exist without our huge family of supporters, sponsors, and volunteers. The ways of your participation are described below.

Become a partner of the project

Combating hunger, the FoodBank relies on cooperation with socially responsible companies on the local and national level. We sincerely appreciate all our partners. Your organization can support our activity in different ways:

Our objective is to provide more food for most of those who need it, and our partners play an important role in this process so that the FoodBank could go on working in this direction. We accept a large range of products – all that one can buy in a supermarket, except of tobacco and alcohol.

. We need to find creative solutions with increasing frequency to satisfy the current and growing demands for food aid in our country, and indeed we need funds for that. So financial support from our partners is of great importance for the FoodBank to continue this work.
Can your company help to combat hunger in Kazakhstan? We will be very glad to have your proposals. Please contact us right now.

The FoodBank team is rather small and we rely to a considerable extent on volunteers spending their time to help us to deliver food to those who need it. Please contact our coordinator, if you want to become a volunteer.

Reasons to support our project

The FoodBank is committed to the 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals aimed at poverty elimination, planet protection and ensure prosperity for all.

1. We combat hunger

Everyone should have enough safe and nutritious food to thrive. A country with zero hunger can positively impact our economy, health, education, equality, and social development. Achieving zero hunger is fundamental to building a better future for everyone.

2. We stand for reasonable consumption and production

By providing essential food relief, Foodbank assists front-line charities to build the resilience of the poor and those in vulnerable situations.

3. We reduce food wastes

Sustainable consumption and production is key to reducing future economic, environmental and social costs and strengthening economic competitiveness. Foodbank plays a critically important role in assisting the Government to achieve this goal through its food rescue activities and collaborating with stakeholders along the supply chain to reduce food waste and food loss.

4. We make foodstuffs available for people in need

Overcoming inequality will help drive economic growth and is critical to achieving social cohesion, and decreasing political and social tensions.

5. We are for multilateral partnership

The Foodbank model engenders multi-stakeholder partnerships throughout the entire food and grocery supply chain. These partnerships mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources to deliver outcomes.

Our partners

Contact us

Director of the Social Help Department

Dana Bakieva


Phone: 8 (727) 236 76 23 (ext.721)

Address: 86 Kunaev str., Almaty