Disaster Risk Reduction

Since the first days of independence of our country, the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the field of preparing the population for natural hazards. Our activities are as follows:

  • training the population in first aid skills, preparing them for earthquakes and other emergency situations, fire safety, water etiquette, etc.;
  • conducting information campaigns through the media, social networks, through distributing information and educational materials, presenting audio messages and video clips in public places;
  • participating in seismic/fire training courses, carrying out door-to-door tours organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and its departments and intended to ensure fire safety;
  • participating in the development of early warning systems, structural and non-structural mitigation.
people in 2021 were informed of behavior rules during emergency situations


Director of the Emergency Department

Elena Kistaubayeva

+7 (727) 236 76 23

+7 (701) 249 64 01