Aizhan’s Story


My name is Aizhan. I’m 34 years old. I’m a Red Crescent volunteer for exactly one year.
I fluently speak Russian, Kazakh and English.

After announcing quarantine, I try my best to help workers form food baskets and deliver products to socially vulnerable groups. A volunteer’s average day begins with morning preparations, sometimes at 9.00, sometimes at 11.00. It all depends on the scope of works to be performed.

Workers form lists for us, and if food baskets are ready, we are divided by areas, load a specific number of products and go on the “route”. We’re properly instructed and supplied with food and water, because the work is not so easy. One delivery can take all day.
Despite all the difficulties, I’m ready to devote my time to this activity. For me, the motivation is to realize that what we do is useful and advantageous. Yes, one food basket is for a week, and it will not eliminate the reasons why a particular family is in this or that difficult situation. But when I hand over food products to those who need them, for example, to a lonely grandmother who turns 95 next year, and see her smile, I realize that this support is very important for her. It means that people remember her. Actually, this support is a sign of humanity and sympathy for your neighbor.
And then I’m just filled with a bright belief that people can unite and overcome any problems even in difficult times.