Thanks to your support, we have sent 32,415,299.94 tenge to Turkey and 12,332,957. 38 tenge to Syria, which will additionally support their activities to eliminate the consequences of a catastrophic earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people.

However, we are not stopping the fundraising. Further donations will be used to restore the property of the victims.

You can make a donation:

– Through the Kaspi app. Go to the “Payments” section, select the “All” label at the top, scroll down to the “Charity” item and select it, find us in the “Red Crescent Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan” list and make a donation;

– You can donate any amount by following the link in the profile header in the “Donate” section;


We will transfer the funds to the Red Crescent of Turkey and the Red Crescent of Syria so that they can send funds on the spot to where they are most needed!

Let’s get closer – we will help together!