On the 27th of February, in collaboration with the NGO “Zhan” and with the support of Beiersdorf, Pavlodars local Red Crescent branch opened a Learning Center for people with visual disabilities. The Center teaches visually disabled people to work with Windows, Android and IOS platforms.

It focuses on giving visually disabled people a chance to acquire skills related to modern gadgets and computers.

Aside from that, the Center will also provide consultative aid and different training programmers via Red Crescent volunteers.

The oldest student of the Center is currently 82 years old.

Partners of Pavlodars district RC, such as the representatives of Pavlodars internal affairs, the Department of Coordination of Employment of the region of Pavlodar, representatives of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstans Pavlodar branch, and the representatives of the regional specialized library for visually challenged people, were present at the opening of the Center.

The opening of such a meaningful and relevant project for visually disabled people was regarded positively by the Society partners.