A program to attract regular donors – Face to face – has been launched in Almaty today. Our information representatives take to the streets of cities, shopping and office centers to tell everyone about our work and offer to become our donor by making a regular donation using a bank card.

Information representatives of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan are dressed in a uniform with the organization's logo and have a badge on which their data and identification code are placed. The donation is made using a bank card through the donor's mobile phone or the information representative's tablet. In order to ensure transparency of the donation process, information representatives do not take cash.

List of places where you can meet information representatives:

– METRO – 16g Saina Street, Almaty.

– “Almaty Zoological Park” of the CMCC of the Department of Culture of Almaty – 166 Esenberlin St., Almaty.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail F2F@redcrescent.kz

All the activities of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan are carried out thanks to donations from caring people. Any amount is important.