List of documents for benefits

  • Marriage certificate (a notarized copy);
  • Birth certificate (a notarized copy);
  • Child’s photo: 1 pcs., size: 3×4 (a colored photo), 1 pcs., size: 10×15 (full height);
  • Copy of a record or printout of grades (academic achievement);
  • If one of the family members is sick or disabled, then attach a medical certificate (only siblings of the child and mother);
  • Handwritten letters of thanks (in English);
  • Father’s death certificate. If both parents die, then death certificates of both parents (a notarized copy);
  • Caregiver’s identity card (a notarized copy);
  • If the caregiver is NOT a mother, a guardianship document (a notarized copy);
  • Certificate from a Public Service Center that his/her mother is not married;
  • Certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property only for his/her mother/caregiver (Form 2).
  • Family income certificate:
    1) a pension fund certificate on transfers for the last 6 months or a certificate of salary from the caregiver’s place of work (mandatory);
    2) a certificate on the payment of state basic social benefits for the loss of a breadwinner;

  • brief information about the state of a family, a child. Fill in the table;
  • several photos of a house where they live (inside and outside parts, all rooms, condition) + 1 family photo (a mother with all her children).

Documents are considered for children under the age of 10.
Contact number: 8 (727) 272 33 98, 8771 762 88 83