The festive campaign ” Support the needy!»

The festive campaign ” Support the needy!”. Abzal Trading House, with the participation of employees, visitors and all concerned citizens, handed over 56 packages with toys, clothes, books and sweets to the Karaganda branch of the Red Crescent.

Each gift was formed and given to children from socially vulnerable groups of the population living in Karaganda, by employees and volunteers of the Regional branch of the Red Crescent. They were selected from among the recipients of the branch and the citizens who applied for help. The group of recipients included mothers raising their own children, large families.

The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan, on behalf of the recipients, thanks everyone who supported the children during the New Year and Christmas holidays and expresses special gratitude to the partners from the Asyl Ana Public Foundation and Abzal Trade House.”

Similar actions were also held in other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.