The Protocol of early Actions in case of extremely cold, developed by the Kazakhstan Red Crescent with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, helps to prepare for and carry out timely during severe winter cold. The Protocol provides for the possibility of providing assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the population: people without permanent residence, single elderly people, people with disabilities and single-parent families.

The protocol was activated in December last year in the North Kazakhstan region, where the regional branch provided hot meals and pre-purchased items of warm clothing and shoes for people without permanent residence and heaters for elderly people living alone after the temperature dropped below -40 degrees. Last week, when the weather forecast predicted a temperature drop below -35, a response operation began in several regions of Kazakhstan.

Since February 16, the Karaganda regional branch has been providing hot meals daily to 460 people without permanent residence, give out warm clothes and heaters among socially vulnerable groups of the population.

On the weekend, the regional branch in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk joined the operation and also provided hot meals and warm clothing to more than 100 people without permanent residence. With the coming of extreme cold in the city of Semey, staff and volunteers of the Abay region branch of the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan organized the distribution of hot food on a daily basis to more than 300 people without a permanent place of residence, warm clothes and shoes. The promotion will continue as long as it is extremely cold. The Red Crescent of Kazakhstan continues to monitor weather forecasts in order to respond in a timely manner in the target areas of the country through our local branches.