We’ve compiled a series of posts detailing actions to take before and after an earthquake, as well as how to prepare your home and create a family plan. Today, we’ll break down the recommended actions during tremors:

– During earthquake, you should not:

– Run anywhere (out of or into a building). Stay where you are!

– Use stairs and elevators.

Stand near outside walls, windows, building facades, or balconies.

An earthquake typically lasts no more than 60 seconds. Stay calm, avoid panic, and remember the rule of thumb: “Huddle, Huddle, Huddle.” When it is over, leave the room quickly, as there is a risk of explosion. Never light an open flame (candle, lighter).

– Remember that there may be repeated shocks.

– Before leaving, cut off the gas, water supply, and turn off the electricity.

– Additionally, don’t forget to take your pre-prepared “alarm” backpack/suitcase with you, as discussed in an earlier post.

If you find yourself outdoors, move into an open space away from buildings, power lines, trees, billboards, and other hazards. Cover your head and neck (with a bag, jacket, book, or your hands) to protect vital organs from potential damage caused by falling objects. Assuming this position (PPT) makes you a smaller target, reducing the likelihood of being hit by falling objects.