Today marks the 20th World Blood Donor Day ❤️

Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan, as in many other countries, the demand for donor blood exceeds the supply, and blood services have to solve the problem of providing sufficient blood.

Transfusion of blood and its products is necessary for complex surgical interventions, as well as on a permanent basis for people with life-threatening pathologies. Often among those in need of blood are people from the most vulnerable groups of the population, such as mothers and their children, the elderly living alone, and people with disabilities.

The main source of safe and sufficient blood supplies is voluntary gratuitous donation. That is why the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan tries to popularise the practice of regular blood donation and increase the diversity and sustainability of the donor pool. In 2023, 3,801 people became voluntary non-remunerated donors of blood and its components during Red Crescent events. Blood donation is the easiest and fastest way to help people.

Let’s get closer – let’s help together!