Zhasulan’s Story

My name is Zhassulan, I’m 21 years old. I’ve been volunteering from the Astana branch of the Red Crescent for more than a year. Also, I’ve been a member of the Red Crescent Club at Nazarbayev University since October 2019. So, now I’m the club’s vice president.

As part of the fight against coronavirus, I help to pack parcels with food products and household supplies, as well as to deliver them to socially vulnerable sections of the population.

When I bring a parcel to people in need, I usually see a sad picture: old crumbling houses, scattered garbage, dirty roads, poor lighting. But there’s something that differs from all this dark atmosphere. This is the smile and tears of happiness of those people who receive that sacred parcel with food. Through their eyes they say “thank you”, thank you for not forgetting us