The Red Crescent is organizing a charity event designed to draw the attention of the public of our city to the problems of homeless people.

The regional branch of the Red Crescent is the flagship of humanitarian aid in the region among public organizations. Last year alone, humanitarian aid was provided to more than 1,000 families. Every day, citizens of the region and the city apply to the Aktobe branch of the OKP RK with a request to provide financial assistance, as a rule, most of them are mothers with many children, left without a breadwinner, single pensioners, disabled people, as well as people affected by fires, floods and others.

On February 21, 2023, the Red Crescent is organizing a charity event designed to draw the attention of the public of our city to the problems of homeless people. With this action, we express solidarity with the people who found themselves on the street. The initiators of the charity event were volunteers who offered to organize a charity lunch for homeless people, since it is winter, it is cold outside and homeless people need hot food. The Red Crescent responded to the request of volunteers and allocated funds to feed the homeless. Every day something happens in the world, an earthquake somewhere, fires somewhere, and people help the affected people as much as possible. But the fact that homeless people walk the streets of our cities with their troubles, with their life history, does not seem to us an emergency situation. Although a person who finds himself in a difficult life situation is always an emergency.

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With today’s action of mercy, we would like to draw public attention to the problems of people who find themselves on the street for various reasons. We want to say that we need social projects that contribute to the return of the homeless to normal life. Projects that would not just feed and provide warm clothes, but also contribute to their moral and psychological rehabilitation, in which a person without a fixed place of residence could tell his story of a person who found himself on the street. This is a global problem of humanity, which affects all countries to one degree or another, nevertheless, our society should strive to have fewer unhappy people in it. It is believed that March 30 is the Day of the Homeless, but there is no need to wait for a suitable date to support people in need. We would like to remind people how important it is to help a person in time and prevent a critical situation, for this it is enough to remain attentive to ourselves, close people who surround us. It is difficult for some people to ask for help, so do not leave people in trouble, pay attention to those around you, unfortunately, no one is immune from the street.